Jurassic World is a ludicrous movie, a joke, an amusement park ride. It is soooo derivative, and it's chock-full of continuity errors. But it's still kind of fun to watch, even if you just sit there and laugh at the boo-boos. Chris Pratt is sufficiently manly as the hero, Ron Howard's daughter plays his love interest, and of course there are two cute kids in the midst of all the mayhem. But there was one performance worthy of note, Vincent's d'Onofrio's half-likable, potbellied half-villain. A different kind of villain, and that came from the acting, not the lines.

This is the first Jurassic movie without Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and Laura Dern. Spielberg has been quoted as saying including them would be looking back, and he wanted to look forward, to introduce a new generation to the Jurassic experience. Well, he can do that only if the new generation grew up in homes with no television sets. Those first movies have been shown on TV off and on for nearly twenty years.