Yes, Blindspot does have potential; the set-up is good and the characters are credible. However:
1. A human body covered with tattoos, each one leading to a different story -- that's a good idea, but it's not exactly new. Remember The Illustrated Man? Or Brimstone?
2. An amnesiac woman unexpectedly reveals expert martial arts skills -- that too is not new: Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight, Claudia Black in an episode of Stargate: SG-1.
3. Another unshaven hero. Meh.
Nevertheless, Blindspot is the only new show I've seen so far that I want to see again.

Minority Report is hugely dependent upon gimmickry, which is kind of fun to see, but what do they do when they run out of gimmicks? Frankly, I can't see any show succeeding with a leading man (boy) so charisma-deprived as the guy playing Dash. The Player is just a copycat show (predicting crime), lots of flash but little else. And Rosewood is just junk.

I watched something else new...but I don't remember what.