Television likes to play with science fiction's toys. The gizmos, the special effects, the weaponry, the instant access to pertinent information -- magic computers have been around since Charlie's Angels. But they're still just cops-and-robbers shows, good guys hunting down bad guys. Well, vice-versa for Heroes Reborn (yes, that's the one I forgot). SF offers a greater opportunity for visualization than straight drama; if you can't do it with writing and acting, do it with graphics.

In the midst of this bombardment of new shows, I've recently started watching re-runs of two old series, NYPD: Blue and Boston Legal. I was surprised at how easily I was drawn into both shows, as different as they are. And BBC America has been marathoning Dr. Who, to drum up business for the new Capaldi series. I got to see Tom Baker being chased by the Loch Ness Monster, ha!

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