Shatner is so well known now that I wonder if it's any longer possible to see him as anyone other than himself, as a character instead of Shatner? I enjoyed his performance as Croatoan in Haven; he did a good job. But I was always aware I was watching Shatner playing Croatoan.

I missed a number of episodes around the middle of the series, but I agree wholeheartedly with Austin that the finale was spot on. After seasons of conflicts that would seem inevitably to head toward one side obliterating the other, the sweet air of reconciliation was as satisfying as it was unexpected. It wasn't all neatly tied up with a pretty bow -- there was loss, there was compromise. But Haven is finally free of the troubles, the townspeople have a future again...and Shatner got the last word. Yes. It was good.

BTW, did you know that when the lost colony of Roanoke Island disappeared, the colonists left the word "Croatoan" behind, carved on a tree?