It's wait-and-see for me too. Considering the amount of money that has obviously been poured into the show, no one's going to pull the plug on it any time soon. But it's interesting that Colony and Jennifer Lopez's show, Shades of Blue, both have protagonists who are coerced into spying on their peers.

One show I don't need more than one episode to tell me I like it is Billions. What a terrific cat-and-mouse story -- it looks as if the two leads are going to take turns playing the mouse. I don't particularly like Damian Lewis, but he seems credible as the billionaire hedge fund manager. Paul Giamatti as the Attorney General out to get him is his usual believable self. And what a pair of scenes to bookend the very first episode! I never saw that coming.

But another show isn't worth watching at all -- USA's Second Chance. It's a Frankenstein story, cliché-ridden and sloppy. An elderly former sheriff is killed and then brought back to life in the "best version" of himself -- younger and stronger and with stubble on his face. A few half-baked high-techy f/x were tossed in, in a lame attempt to give the show a futuristic look, but Second Chance is about as forward-looking as Ma and Pa Kettle.