One that I didn't think about for its first four months but have been belatedly alerted to is Limitless. It's another "person with extra abilities gets pulled in by a government agency" premise (medication that increases brainpowers for a limited time, but with bad reactions when it wears off, unless....), spinning off from a film I never heard of (whose star, Bradley Cooper, makes occasional brief guest appearances here). But the cast is good (the main guy is engaging, and it's great to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio again), and best of all they're having fun with it. Lots of delicious visual embellishment when his mind is on overdrive (claymation, substitute words, onscreen captions, speech balloons, Peanuts-esque wah-wah vocal sounds, and more), and ongoing tension building up. Maybe it's not to everyone's taste but I like it a lot.