Well, we sort of discussed it together (she also consulted a music teacher she knew -- our choir director), going from the season's schedule. I had a book of "stories from the operas" which had started my interest; as it happens, none of the ones from the book was on the schedule. (At that time -- maybe still -- Chicago did a fall-only season of about 10 operas.) These days, it's easy for me to look up what the choices were:
La Cenerentola
Simon Boccanegra
Un Ballo in maschera
Cosė fan tutte
Flying Dutchman
La Gioconda

The idea was to figure out which I would enjoy most, something fast-moving and understandable (and, I suspect, avoiding those that might be too "adult" for me). As I remember, the final 3 that Mom and I discussed were Carmen, Cosė fan tutti, and Turandot.

Given those alternatives, I think we chose right. Turandot, like other Puccini, moves along, at movie speed; I didn't have to learn to deal with all the word-repetition and standard forms that later puzzled me (temporarily) with Mozart and Verdi. It has a simple fairy-tale sort of story (I knew about stern princesses asking riddles), and lots of color and splendor. I loved it.

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