Is it really leaving theaters so soon? (Quickly checks listings.) Yup. Moving on to some distant/esoteric locations tomorrow.

I enjoyed it very much too. It's more episodic than story-driven, but all the episodes are enjoyable, the cast is consistently at its best, and it offers little surprises along the way.

Like Alden Ehrenreich, who I agree is a standout among the bigger names. One realizes that though his character has made a career in formula pictures as a singing cowboy, he himself is not dumb. He knows that when he's set up on a date (with a Carmen Miranda type) at a Hollywood night spot, his job is to spread a bit of publicity -- but he's also fun company for his companion, and who knows? they might decide to go out together again.

Even better, when in an emergency the studio puts him into a Coward-style drawing-room comedy, he knows perfectly well how miscast he is (never says so, but we can see him sizing up the situation), but he'll still give it his very best shot, and try like the dickens to get it right. That's where the real humor of the scene comes from. "Would that it were so simple."

That's one of many refreshing instances (connected to what Barbara said about love of movies) in which the movie doesn't condescend to the characters. They're not caricatured as one might expect; they're mostly working hard at their jobs.