Nor am I. Killing off the leading lady in just that way -- off-camera? No big death scene? Nah. She'll be back. I do wish they'd find some way to get rid of Tom, though.

One other thing about this last episode. Isolation is part of the denial stage of grief, and Reddington was shown making a phone call to someone saying sell everything, Dembe has power of attorney, etc. Cutting himself off. Then he goes to a place he'd been only once before, chosen for its remoteness, its long stretches of emptiness. Impressive, too, how small the cast was. Normally Black List is a highly populated show, not with extras standing around filling up empty spaces but with characters with speaking roles -- many of them, one ensemble scene after another. The contrast between that busyness and the bleak barrenness of the denial episode was quite telling. IMO, this is the show's best episode.