That one didn't show here. I would dearly love to see a production of the original Goldoni, which keeps popping up in theater history books but I've never known of an actual performance. Tomorrow night there's an NTL showing of The Audience with Helen Mirren. My son saw it live in New York; he said it isn't much of a play, mostly a showpiece for Mirren. But that was enough. smile

While the board was down, I posted the following on Facebook (I still don't like that place). It's probably dated now, but here goes anyway:

If you have a chance to see Love and Friendship before it leaves the theaters, don't miss it. L&F is the title of Jane Austen's first novel, but the movie itself is the story of Lady Susan, her second novel (both written when she was a teenager). I'm sure the filmmakers had an excellent reason for borrowing the earlier title; I only wish I knew what it was. The satire is less subtle than in her mature works, and for that very reason it makes a perfect rebuttal to those who think Jane Austen wrote romantic novels. There's no way anyone could watch L&F and think it's a romance. Alas, there is one thing in the movie I didn't like: the wigs. They're terrible.