Here's a happy thought: Florence Foster Jenkins is now playing. Folks, this is one you don't want to miss. It will make you laugh louder and more often than any other movie in recent memory, and it still manages to be rather touching. Meryl Streep never gives a bad performance, but she is dead perfect in the title role. It's a performance you'll never forget. She got surprisingly good support from Hugh Grant as her husband/manager/errand boy/flatterer/interference-runner/cajoler/comforter. Simon Helberg was good as the befuddled young pianist who thought he'd been hired to accompany a real opera singer.

I have an old vinyl LP titled Florence! Foster! Jenkins! Sings!!! which is so awful it makes you laugh out loud. So I was wondering if the movie would use FFJ's own recorded voice -- but no, it's Streep's voice all the way through. And she captures FFJ's ghastly singing "style" perfectly. The audience in my theater applauded at the end.