I actually feel sorry for Brandon. I think he is sincere in wanting to "do right", but I also think he is really naive about it, a fairly recent convert to it, and far too caught up in whatever his "bad/wild life" had been before. He's rather young, and I put it down to living wild, and possibly getting his girlfriend pregnant and suddenly getting responsible about his life. His antipathy to Mikayla seems almost entirely grounded on the fact that he does find her attractive, and so while "trying to be good" has to shove her away. Most people go through this stage in privacy, but he's doing it on national TV.

I don't think Ozzy will make it all the way. He's not really very good at observing true strengths, nor in planning his strategy. And he has a "too cool for the room" attitude. I suspect he thinks he can do what Rob did, but Rob moved decisively against those who could endanger his position, and I don't think Ozzy can do that (mainly because he doesn't know who can endanger his position). Plus he's made the mistake of telling someone he has the idol. Rob never made that mistake.

I don't think these are the strongest players we've seen (in terms of the social game), but they seem more on the ball than some recent games.


I had the pilot for Charlie's Angels on while I was working on the computer, and so listened to it. Cripes, rather wooden acting. Not very smooth delivery of lines, so the whole of any emotional draw just sank like stones. To go from that to the season premiere of Castle was stronger than a day/night contrast.