Yesterday a couple of friends and I went to see The Debt, only to find it had been pulled from the theater without any advance warning. So we saw Killer Elite instead, and I think I can safely say I've had enough screen violence now to last me until, oh, May, 2027. It's about three violent men, played by Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert Di Niro, in descending order of importance to the plot. They were backed up by a large supporting cast, all of them violent men except one (The Girl). You needed a score card to keep track of them all, and a road map would have been helpful in following that plot. Nevertheless, the three of us sat there intrigued the whole hour and 40 minutes it lasted; I'm not sure what that says about us OR the movie.

But I am sorry to have missed The Debt. I don't believe I've ever seen Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson act together before; that alone is enough to draw me to the movie. Did anyone here see it?