Wow! That is one hell of an opera, and I'm not talking about just the ending. I didn't like the drab set, but I liked everything else. Kwiecien was impressive, bouncing around like an athlete only two weeks after back surgery. Two weeks! So many different kinds of music...lyrical, intense, charming, menacing, and sometimes amusing. I was especially taken with the serenade G sang to the maid. Smooth as silk.

Lorna, I don't know why I've missed out on Mozart. I haven't been going to opera as long as the rest of you, but long enough to have seen something of Mozart's. I've listened to our recording of Figaro a number of times, and I've enjoyed it a lot right up to the last act. Then it becomes too much for me and I start thinking "Stop, already!" I never once thought that during Don Giovanni, and I want to hear it all again, right now. But there are so many CDs and videos and DVDs, so many Dons, I'm kind of overwhelmed. Any suggestions, anyone?