Yes, that's going to be an interesting three-way challenge. I'll admit to having a soft spot for Cochran just because he's so articulate. On the whole, this group has done less slaughtering of the English language than their predecessors have done, Brandon excepted. Cochran, however, has a way of putting his finger on the nub of a situation and expressing it clearly without indulging in the backpatting the alpha males are prone to. But in a game based solely on jockeying for position in whatever social hierarchy is established, Cochran must have looked like easy pickings. All Ozzie's tribe had to do was treat him decently and they would still be in the game.

The only downside to Cochran's flipping I can see is that it provides more food for Coach's ego. Coach strikes me as being slightly more mature this time around, a little more realistic. But basically he remains a smug man in love with himself, and that's not going to change.