If you get Showtime, keep an eye out for a little movie called Big Fan. No name actors; the lead is played by a stand-up comedian named Patton Oswalt, and he does a terrific job with the role. He plays a loser named Paul, a childish man who still lives with his mother, works at a dead-end job in a parking garage, and resists all pressures to better himself. His lawyer brother arranges a job interview for him, but Paul won't go. Because he's happy; he's found something that fulfills him...and that's football. Specifically, the New York Giants. Paul worships the turf they play on. He and a buddy go to all the Giants' home games, where they sit in the parking lot stuffing themselves with food while listening to the game on the radio(!). Football is Paul's reason for living.

Then by chance Paul meets the star player on the Giants team, but because of a misunderstanding, the player turns on him and beats him to a pulp. Paul is hospitalized; what he does when he's released makes up the rest of the movie, and I'm not going to give that away. I'll just add that there's one scene toward the end showing Paul going into a sports bar, where he's surrounded by a mob of people just like him. The point's made that Paul is not just one isolated nut case, but instead he's symptomatic of a national mania. (International, I guess, if you include soccer fans.) These people have made sports into their religion. Big Fan is funny, but it's a dark humor, and a little bit scary.