Yes, but on the other hand Puccini clearly put a full musical stop there, a completed musical cadence followed by silence -- pretty much inviting applause. It bothers me more (not a lot, but some) when people applaud after "Recondita armonia" or "Nessun dorma," because in both cases Puccini DIDN'T bring the music to a halt or invite applause in any way. Of course those moments will always be applauded anyway; as I said, I don't really mind terribly. But I recall a wonderful Trovatore at Covent Garden in which the conductor (Charles Mackerras) and the singers (Fiorenza Cossotto, Carlo Cossuta) played the long Azucena-Manrico scene so compellingly and meaningfully that none of us felt like applauding individual numbers until the curtain fell -- and then we let ourselves go in a big way.