Where is that, Pete? On this page or on the list of topics page? I can't seem to find it.

Rodelinda yesterday, which I enjoyed far more than I had expected to. I went primarily because I'd never seen a countertenor in performance, and Rodelinda had two! It was a good production, with sets that were representative instead of symbolic (and quite a few of them). The singing was glorious, with one exception; Shenyang as Garibaldo got a bit slurry at times. But the high point of the opera came near the end of Act II. After nearly two full acts of aria after aria, Handel gave us a duet between Rodelinda and Bertardio that lifted the whole production up another notch. Renée Fleming's soprano and Andreas Scholl's countertenor blended in a sound so beautiful it left me open-mouthed. It was the kind of sound you go to the opera to hear.

Incidentally, I went straight from four and a half hours of Handel in a Sacramento theater to four hours of a bridge tournament in nearby Orangevale, where my partner and I finished third in our session. Yesterday was a good day.