I'm watching "The Killing [Forbrydelsen] II" at the moment. There are ten episodes, and BBC4 is showing them in pairs on Saturday evenings, 9-11pm, so the series is a great deal shorter than the previous one. I've seen the first six episodes, and the whole thing is much more taut than series I - although new characters are introduced fairly frequently, they don't disappear (unless they die, which some of them do). In series I, pretty much every episode introduced a new suspect or suspects and many of them were cleared and then disappeared.

Series II concentrates on something (as yet unrevealed) that happened to some Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, and they and others are being targeted by persons unknown. Meanwhile, a new Minister of Justice is thrust into the limelight and has to learn fast, especially as politicians are pressing for curbs on Muslims.

Sarah Lund has been called up again, of course, and has unsurprisingly cut corners and has just been sacked (but she's still working unofficially on the case).

It's very enjoyable, with lots of twists and turns.