TV Guide published a wish list, and one wish was to forget this current season of Dexter all but the last 20 seconds. I kind of feel that way myself. All that hokey religiosity, and I didn't like seeing Adama and Senator Kinsey so uglified. That wasn't necessary. Even Deb is getting weirder and weirder looking. Dexter's own "exploring" of religion seemed to depend on whoever he last talked to. At first Travis seemed the reluctant pawn of the professor, even rebelling against him. Then poof, the professor's a hallucination and Travis is the true monster, like flipping a switch. Is this supposed to trace the path of madness? I don't believe it. And where did Travis get his acolytes (who ended up dead), especially the woman he sent into the police station wearing the poison gas? Is all you have to do is say "God wants it" and people will do whatever you tell them? There wasn't nearly enough preparation for that. I just didn't like this last year, even Deb's new-found love for Dexter.