BBC Radio 3 broadcast a recorded Covent Garden Traviata in the Met slot today. I had to turn it off after Act 1 as the audience was desperate to applaud everything. Tomorrow, an (apparently) live Meistersinger matinee from the Royal Opera. I was at the first night of this revival and enjoyed it greatly. The Hans Sachs (Wolfgang Koch) looked a bit young for the role but has a very nice voice. Walther was beefy New Zealander Simon O'Neill - plenty of stamina, but rather nasal in Act 3. The ladies were excellent and the David (Toby Spence) was the best I can remember. (And I was sorry that Robert Lloyd, the 71-year-old Night Watchman, wasn't singing Pogner). The joint stars of the show were ROH Music Director Antonio Pappano (soon to be Sir Antonio) and the orchestra. Some, but not me, thought the tempi were a bit too fast. Well worth listening to if you can get it: