1. Everything Danish over here. Forbrydelsen II has finished - ten episodes, small number of suspects, kept me guessing more or less to the end. The new Danish drama is Borgen (Government), about manoeuverings among political parties. No murders and no Sarah Lund, though both of her investigatory partners have turned up, one a TV news chief and the other a party leader's husband. I've just finished episode 2 (of ten) and it definitely holds the attention. Would I be right in thinking that US TV companies don't buy subtitled series from Europe? Your loss, if so.

2. Great Expectations - 3 one-hour episodes. Good atmosphere but rather a travesty of the story (I've re-read the book in order to check). Too much Bentley Drummle and not enough Wemmick (no Aged Parent or Miss Skiffins, aargh!), various made-up scenes, etc. Ray Winstone and David Suchet excellent as Magwitch and Jaggers, but Gillian Anderson not my idea of Miss Havisham.