Yesterday I went to see War Horse and I wish I hadn't bothered. I don't understand how so many critics could rave over so schmalzy a movie. It is pure schmalz. Well, there are some good things in it. Emily Watson makes something out of her nothing role as the mother of the boy who raised the horse. All the characters are one- or two-dimensional because of the episodic structure of the story. And there were some effective shots...a panicked horse racing through the trenches at the front line, for instance. But most of the movie was so blasted manipulative! Like, laugh when I push this button, now cry, now go "Awww..." I liked the horse...or horses, all 12 of them that played the title role (2 foals, 2 colts, 8 stallions). And there was a scene-stealing goose that added some genuine humor in contrast to the manufactured kind everywhere else in the movie. Spielberg has always been a manipulative director, but never so blatantly as this. Yucch.