Wild horses would not drag me to The Iron Lady, nor, if it comes to that, War Horse. I read all of the Millennium trilogy, so there was no point in seeing the film(s). (Spoiler: The books got worse as they went on.)

The one film that I saw in the cinema recently probably might not appeal to many of you. It's a low-key drama called Weekend. It got good reviews in The Guardian and elsewhere, and has won various prizes. The York City Screen had only one showing, and the cinema was far from full. IMDB has details and reports.

It all takes place in Nottingham, and is about a semi-closeted gay man (Russell) who spends an evening with an old friend and his family. He gets drunk/drugged, goes to a gay bar, takes someone back to his place. Next day, the "someone" (Glen) starts asking questions, then records his answers, then they have a dialogue, and things start to click. Glen isn't keen on relationships and reveals that he's imminently going off to the Pacific NorthWest for a couple of years. He doesn't want to go in for goodbyes, but Russell turns up at the railway station and ... well, nothing much happens. It's a bit slow at times, there's a bit of gay sex (but nothing very alarming, folks). Worth seeing if you can find it, IMNSHO.