Barbara, your spoiler point can be a real problem. I've heard one or two directors say (in DVD commentaries) that they had to consider this type of problem when casting, because of the nature of the story. Sounds like they didn't, in this case.

War Horse is still playing onstage in NYC. My friends who've seen it there say that the story didn't mean much to them, but the staging (British import) was extraordinary, with the use of life-size puppets and great visual flair. They weren't inclined to revisit it as a film.

Weekend got as many as 46 reviews, as collected by MRQE (a few are UK in origin, but most seem to be US). I'm surprised, because it escaped my radar completely. As Lorna says, it played here in early fall, and the UK box-office figures begin the week after the US ones stop; it's amusingly as if only 3 or 4 prints exist, and they flew them across the Atlantic. But on a second look at MRQE, the reviews are not only from the predictable NYC-LA-SanFran, it also opened in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Austin, St. Paul. Not Philadelphia (my area), as far as I can tell, but our screens for such movies have decreased greatly in the last couple of years.

Hugo is still playing in theaters, still in 3D. It's worth checking around to see where you can catch it, in my opinion anyway.