In the Music forum, I mentioned that The Enchanted Island was a feel-good opera. After a while something clicked and I realized I'd seen a feel-good movie recently I'd neglected to mention. It's Real Steel. When it first came out, I sort of dismissed it because boxing robots are not high on my list of things I'm fascinated by. But then Austin mentioned somewhere that it was a much better movie than what it sounded like. So I read a couple of reviews and, yes, it sounded pretty good.

I caught it in a second-run theater here, and I sat there grinning through almost the entire movie. It's not just machines smashing up other machines, like the Transformers movies; it has a real story with believable characters and dialogue that's clever and funny. The plot is the familiar sports story (rise of the underdog), and the robots are fantastic. Hugh Jackman plays a down-on-his-luck manager of a robot that's seen better days, and...oh, see it if you can. It's showing on DirecTV Cinema right now, which means it'll be on HBO or Showtime before long.

So...thanks, Austin.