Upstairs on January 8th I mentioned the new Danish drama, Borgen (Government), seen over here on BBC4. It started with manoeuverings among political parties when the right-wing Prime Minister's name has been blackened just before a General Election. At the end of the second episode, after the election, the leader of the Moderate Party had just about formed a coalition government. The rest of the ten-part series is about her (yes, HER) tribulations - possible break-up of the coalition, difficulties over defence policy, arrival in Copenhagen of Eastern European dissident at the same time as the president of his country who wants him arrested, problems with her family. Plus there's a continuing thread involving the major TV station whose star interviewer has a sort of off/on relationship with the PM's spin-doctor.

Great stuff, and Series Two will air over here at the end of the year, with an apparently final series 3 about to start filming.

Danish seems more difficult to me than Swedish (as in the Wallander series), but Borgen has a certain amount of un-subtitled English language sections (e.g. when the TV interviewer talks to the E Europe dissident). And some English words seem to have permeated Denmark - guess what the Danish for "spin-doctor" is?

I'm sure that any of you who're interested can get hold of the DVD boxed set through the magic of the internet - well worth watching, IMNSHO.