Clichés in the writing, too. Julia writes a try-out song; her husband reads in the paper that a certain reviewer mentions it in his column. Julia immediately goes on a rant about what an awful critic he is, his taste is all in his mouth, etc. It's so obvious a set-up that we know the review is going to be favorable and Julia will have to do a quick about-face. Oh, ha ha ha. Like we've never seen this before?

I've had my first taste of Borgen; it was episode 7, "See No Evil, etc." It didn't grab me the way The Killing did, but that could be because I missed the first six episodes. I took an immediate dislike to the TV reporter -- but that's probably a good thing, if the characterizations can be made so clear so quickly. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing; is the PM going to stay idealistic through the rest of the series? "Spin-doctor" appeared several times in the dialogue, and one unexpected "Smurf" as well.

I'm going to try to watch the rest of the series, but Link TV isn't making it easy. The promised three showings today have now been reduced to one, and it's the same episode that was shown yesterday. Two different episodes are scheduled for next weekend, the second-shown to be the first in the series (the election). Do you get the feeling Link TV isn't the most stable channel in the world?