Kinda thought you might be. grin Of course intermissions contribute to the time actually spent in the theater; I was surprised myself to leave in a little less than three and a half hours. So Ernani ties with the 5-act Don Carlos for the longest Verdi opera; I would never have guessed that.

But cherce it was indeed. Every time I hear Angela Meade sing, I'm astonished all over again. Oh yes, there were men in the opera, and they all sang real purdy too; Marcello Giordani was in especially fine fettle. The production was not new, but it was an excellent one; I'm glad they revived it.

Have you all seen The Audition, the documentary about the final rounds of the 2007 Met auditions for new talent? One slim blond soprano said in an interview that the hefty singers had an advantage in that they could get more air into their lungs than slimmer singers could. That let them sing long legato lines without having to take a breath; she couldn't do that. And sure enough, she wasn't one of the winners. But Angela Meade was.