Ha! Awake hasn't shown us anything in way of dates -- newspapers, calendars, etc. -- on purpose, I'd guess. In this second episode, there was a lot of quick switching back and forth between the two realities. Perhaps Britten is living the same day twice. Or simultaneously?

Isn't it a little early in the run to be revealing there is something nefarious behind Britten's condition? It seems to me he has enough on his plate as it is to keep the show rolling for a few more episodes. But I do like this cast. Jason Isaacs is perfect as Britten, a grown-up, got-it-together man dealing with an impossible situation. One of his therapists is B.D. Wong, who also plays a psychiatrist on L&O:SVU. The other therapist is Cherry Jones, demoted from her last TV job as US President on 24. This show is looking good.