They all have repeat performances, Kay.

I wasn't as enamoured as Lorna was, but I'll admit I enjoyed it more than I'd expected to. I'm not a big Massenet fan, although in high school I memorized the words of "Profitons bien de la jeunesse" and even tried singing it (when no one else was at home!). Manon must have the most boring opening in opera, and the libretto's clumsy handling of the plot is annoying. But once Netrebko and Beczala started to sing, all was forgiven. They WERE fantastic. Netrebko's voice sometimes seemed rather earthy for this role, but I liked that mature, sumptuous sound. The staging was clever. The sets -- hated the color, but they too were cleverly manipulated. It's just at times the setting seemed a little too modernistic for the faux-Victorian costumes the singers were wearing. And yes, the ballet needed more rehearsal. So how do you grade a flawed opera with an imperfect production and absolutely gorgeous singing? Why, A+, of course.