It's extremely difficult for me to put a Shakespeare play out of my mind and watch a Shakespeare-based opera as a different work altogether; I'm still in shock from Thomas's Hamlet. Some years back, every time the Met broadcast Otello, someone on one of the intermission programs would announce he preferred the opera version of the story to Shakespeare's. I could weep! YouTube has a few clips from Adès's Tempest. My flaky computer would allow me to watch only one of them, but that one shows Ariel singing an impossibly difficult passage. Soprano Cindia Seydon makes it possible, though; she does a beautiful job with the music. But her words are almost totally incomprehensible. Thank heaven for subtitles.

I'm delighted to see Elena Garanca on the schedule. I'd still love to see her Dalila; I know she's sung it in Germany, perhaps elsewhere. But Tito is looking good. grin