Alerted by a musician friend, I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. Because the music of Benjamin Britten is central to it -- it begins and ends with children listening to a recording (with narration) of The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, and the opera-for-community-performance "Noye's Fludde" is central to the story. (We hear bits of other Britten on the soundtrack too.) So that put me in a mood to enjoy it, and I did. It has a look and atmosphere all its own, and some nice performances; the roles played by Bill Murray and Frances McDormand are almost too short for it to matter that it's them, but Edward Norton as a dedicated scoutmaster and especially Bruce Willis (doing fine quiet work as the only policeman on the island) are terrific. But it was the Britten (and the orchestration lesson during the final credits) that made the movie for me.