Well, there isn't anywhere near Santa Fe (which has a population of only about 70,000) except Albuquerque, population half a million!

The strange thing about central Santa Fe is that a very high proportion of its buildings are adobe architecture. Some are quite old, but others are very recent. Ny guide-book says "the rigorous insistence that every downtown building should look like a seventeenth-century Spanish colonial palace takes a bit of getting used to .... what at first glance appears to be a perfectly preserved ancient adobe turns out to be a multi-storey parking-lot." So there's a bit of a Toytown feel to it.

There are a few interesting buildings - for example a Victorian cathedral and chapel, plus the San Miguel Mission, apparently the oldest church in the US to have remained in continuous use - it was built in 1300 or earlier (take that, Columbus), and has the oldest bell in the US, cast in Spain in 1356. We visited the chapel on August 9th, which turned out to be the 656th birthday of the bell!

On King Roger, I forgot to mention that Roger was played by Mariusz Kwiecien, Roxana by Erin Morley, the Shepherd by William Burden and the tiny role of the Archbishop by Raymond Aceto - luxury casting.

I asked in another thread about Dorothy B. Hughes, and after Barbara's comments I took In a Lonely Place and Ride the Pink Horse with me to read on various planes. The former was good but a little too long. The latter (which I haven't yet finished) is more gripping, so far, AND is indubitably set in Santa Fe! It's described as an unnamed hick town in the first paragraph, but mention of the Plaza, the Fiesta, the La Fonda Hotel, the cathedral and (a clincher) the nearby town of Tesuque (where I had a beer) not far from the Opera House make it perfectly clear.

And finally (talking of beer) I visited a nice old-fashioned bar not far from the hotel. Inside was a notice on a blackboard which read:

NO F-----G BUD

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