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Any Glyndebourne for you this summer, Andrew?

Yes, so far I've seen a terrific Cenerentola (although one of my friends said "this is the first time I've seen ugly sisters who are prettier than the title-character") and a so-so Nozze di Figaro - excellent revolving set, very good Cherubino, but Ann Murray, Andrew Shore and Alan Oke (Marcellina, Bartolo, Basilio) stole the show; also, I'm not too bothered by the omission of Basilio's aria but we really should have had Marcellina's, AND there were no decorations in the da capos of "Dove sono" and "Voi che sapete", presumably because the conductor, Robin Ticciati (or the singers) didn't want to do them. Charles Mackerras must be turning in his grave.

Next Tuesday I'll be there again with three friends and a picnic for Ravel's L'heure Español and L'enfant et les sortilèges, preceded, somewhere in the complex, by a free performance (by chorus members, I think) of Julian Phillips's The Yellow Sofa.