My audience applauds every time the Met audience does, just like they were in the theatre. Like Lorna, I was a little put off by Botha's girth. I've seen Domingo do it in a live telecast and seen photos of Venay and Del Monaco, so an overweight Otello is a little off putting at first...but he aced the "Esultate" on his entrance and handled the duet very nicely...I was a tad disappointed in Fleming's Desdemona, I am sorry to say, and any Iago that is not Leonard Warren is just...ok, any BARITONE that is not Leonard Warren is a pale shadow. But I didn't think "Deo en un dio crudel" had the punch it should have. It is, after all, the sililoquy that Shakespeare forgot to write, that makes Iago's actions more credible.
Botticelli Moderator