I don't mean to suggest that Virginia Woolf was played shallowly as a laff-riot. It never stopped being about serious matters, but they understood that serious is not the same as solemn: on some level, George and Martha get a kick out of the adversarial relationship they've evolved, and they enjoy (in their different ways) getting this young couple mixed up in it. The script tells us that several layers down, they've never stopped loving each other, but this is the first time I've believed it.

Drood does indeed have a ton of possibilities for the cast to absorb, which I've always thought makes it hard on the schools and community theaters who do it but typically give only a very few performances: they have to prepare all these endings and they never get to use most of them. I think there are 4 possible Datcherys, 8 potential murderers (though only 7 at any given performance because one will have been chosen as Datchery), and... 24?... final romantic possibilities (though that's only a matter of different dialogue lead-ins to a duet reprise).

Here are some production shots, and here is a video preview.