That's hard to pin down. He's not getting any younger, and he's certainly not a handsome man. But he has presence, plus a poise in the way he carries himself that is attractive. Frankly, I doubt that I'd find Alagna sexy if it weren't for the singing. It's the total package that's so appealing. Don't worry about it, Chris, it's purely a he/she thing; I've never understood why men thought Uma Thurman was a hottie. And I agree with Lorna -- this Aida was very satisfying.

Pete, I hope that PBS program will be repeated; I didn't even know it was on. Did they refer to the set as "the machine"? Large brown planks that could be moved and manipulated? If so, that's the current Ring. Yes, very expensive, but remember that one set was used for four operas, not just one. I remember that one of the simulcasts -- I'm pretty sure it was Siegfried -- was delayed 45 minutes because one of the planks wasn't receiving its computer signals.