I looked at the old thread too, and I don't think anyone here has yet talked about Argo. It's playing at theaters again, in the wake of its Academy Award nominations, and I definitely recommend it.

Everybody probably knows by now that it's based on the real "exfiltration" of 6 Americans caught in Tehran in 1979 when they escaped the embassy before its takeover, who were hid by the Canadian ambassador until the CIA got them out by giving them identities as crew of a fictitious movie scouting for locations. There's been some criticism (mostly mild) that it makes the actual escape more nail-bitingly suspenseful than the smooth operation it really was, but I find that a fair tradeoff. We know, after all, how it turned out, but the participants at the time didn't know it was going to work and it must have been terrifying till they got away -- so this puts us back in their state of mind.

Anyway, Chris Terrio wrote a sharp, effective screenplay, Ben Affleck directed it extremely well, and he also plays the role of CIA operative Tony Mendez in appropriately subdued fashion (his job, after all, is to blend in and not be remembered). And it's stuffed with great actors in supporting roles, some of them tiny but all valuable: John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, Victor Garber, Kyle Chandler, Chris Messina, Clea DuVall, Tate Donovan, Zeljko Ivanek, Titus Welliver, Philip Baker Hall, Richard Kind, and many more. Good stuff.