Just a note on what's on on BBC4 these days. All three of ''The Killing''s (in Danish with English subtitles) are now finished, and there won't be any more. The ending of series 3 was rather ambiguous. Series 2 of ''Borgen'' finished last week, and I gather that series 3, apparently currently showing in Denmark, will also be the last. It's interesting to see some people in either of those series popping up in the other - indeed, two out of three of Lund's partners in ''The Killing'', who both met sticky ends, popped up in ''Borgen'', one of them the Prime Minister's husband and the other a television supremo. And the (different) Prime Minister in ''The Killing 3'' turned up as the father of a Danish soldier killed in Afghanistan in ''Borgen 2''! Maybe there aren't many actors in Denmark.

In other news, ''The Bridge'' (only series 1 so far seen in Britain) looks as if there will be another two series. And this evening, a new series of ''Spiral'' (aka ''Engrenages'', in French with English subtitles), is starting this evening. Yippee!