Jon, there's an Encore showing on March 6th.

Rita, your IMO is pretty good, methinks. There were some clever touches in the production. Rigoletto wore an Argyle sweater suggestive of a jester's motley. "Pari siamo" was not sung on an empty stage but to a barman, because everybody tells his troubles to the bartender. But such touches were superficial and insufficient to justify the setting, which fit neither the story nor the music. If someone in the 60s cursed another man, he'd either get a punch in the mouth for his trouble or the curse would be shrugged off as petulant foolishness. It would not cause the absolute terror that Rigoletto feels. While the opera has a lot of jaunty music in it, it's not the brassy, simple stuff we associate with Las Vegas. It just wasn't a fit.

In his interview, Lucic indicated without dwelling on it that he was just going along with this present production while his preference was for the traditional approach, no matter how many Rat Pack apologists were interviewed. (The last time I saw Lucic, he was singing Macbeth in another "updated" production.) All three leads were great, once "Questa o quella" had been conquered, but Lucic was greater than great. He was exciting to listen to, and I'm glad I didn't miss this misproduced performance.