Before I do my travelogue bit (maybe tomorrow ... there was a lot of washing-up to do, as well as listening to Mahler's 3rd and the end of the Leeds/Liverpool game ...), I should say that Jack Be Quick was one of the books I took with me to read on my hols. I should also say that my copy was obtained through the good offices of Sue Tier - thanks a lot, Sue!

Well, I read through all the stories (in sequence) with great pleasure. Quite a mixed bag, but each very enjoyable in its own way. Thanks, Barbara.

On the whole, and especially not being a SF or True Crime person, I liked the lighter ones best - "Ho ho ho", "Portrait ..." and "Okay, Diogenes" - but that's me. Did I miss an explanation of the title of the latter?

As for Sloshed Chicken, I've got a bay tree in the garden, rosemary and sage bushes outside my front door and a pot of basil in the kitchen (no head buried under it, though), so all I need now is some chicken that tastes of something other than cardboard. Oh, and some beer.