Yes, a large serving of Bollywood, I'd say. Egyptian, Indian -- what's the dif, right? Everyone was obviously having fun. A friend and I agreed that the right word for this production was "cute". And it WAS cute -- cute scenes, cute hijinks going on during the arias. I liked it. grin

David Daniels repeated as Caesar, a role he's evidently known for, but I thought a lot of his runs were kind of muddy-sounding. Natalie Dessay took on Cleo and her many costume changes, two of which revealed a lot of skin, and I mean a LOT. But I have to say I don't remember ever hearing her sound better -- just beautiful.

I did weary of the excessive repeats, but that's a gripe I have against all baroque operas, not just this one. If you missed this one, you missed a good show.