Years ago, Barbara, before this book appeared, I remember reading an interview with you (was it in The Drood Review?) where you said that this was what you were working on, that it had been sparked by seeing the phrase "Death Elsewhere" in a paper, that that was your title for the novel, and you might possibly change it once you were done. And indeed, you did change it. I think both are terrific titles (I so admire your gift for memorable titles -- I'm terrible even at thinking up decent headlines for my articles); do you recall what led you to pick one over the other?

This book also uses one of my favorite literary devices. For those who've not yet read In-Laws and Outlaws, I won't say what it is (though it's not really central to the mystery in this case), but it puts Barbara in the company of Christie, Collins, Ishiguro, Ford, James, and many more.