I went to see Pedro Almodóvar's "I'm so excited" (original title: "Los amantes pasajeros") last week. The English title is apparently homage to the Pointer Sisters, of whom I've vaguely heard. In the film, it's performed by a collection of gay aeroplane stewards, who are doing a sort of cabaret to entertain the 1st class passengers, in order to stop them thinking too much about the problem with the plane's undercarriage (the plane is scheduled to fly to Mexico but is actually flying round and round Toledo [in Spain, not Ohio!] until an airport is available for landing).

Anyway, it's quite entertaining if rather inconsequential and there are cameo roles for Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. The second-class passengers have all been drugged to keep them quiet, while the 1st class passengers start to unravel, revealing various crimes that they've committed or are intending to. Eventually, the plane lands at La Mancha Airport - a Spanish in-joke, apparently: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Mancha_Airport.

Don't know whether this will be shown in the USA. When I saw the trailer a few weeks ago, I was reminded of a hilarious Scottish TV series entitled "The High Life", featuring Alan Cumming, among others. IMDB will tell you more!

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