My recollections are

Good king Sauerkraut looked out
On his feets uneven,
Twixt the snoo lay round about,
All kerchoo achievin'...


Deck us all with Boston Charlie
Walla Walla Wash, and Kalamazoo -
Nora's freezin' on the trolley,
Swaller dollar cauliflower alley-ga-roo.

Don't we know archaic barrel,
Lullaby Lilla boy Louisville Lou,
Trolley Molly don't love Harold,
Boola boola Pensacoola hullabaloo!

I looked at the webpage and the only line that sounds right - I think he put it in somewhere, sometime - is

"Bark us all bow-wows of folly."

Beauregard T. Bugleboy probably started it that way and was shouted down by the others!

Over here, Andrew, cowboys' chief business in fiction seems to be hunting outlaws (also known jocularly as "owlhoots") -- seldom do they take time to herd any cows.

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