I saw it just a couple of days ago and found it a joyful thing indeed. I got a kick out of the somewhat gleeful abandonment of all pretense at a consistent time period for the setting (the characters had cell phones but the women wore frumpy Depression-era clothing while speaking late 16th-century English). Some compression was necessary for a modern audience, of course, and I would take issue with only one bit of the editing, in the sequence of the minor matter of Benedick's beard. We're given most of the set-up but not the payoff; it would have been better to delete the sequence altogether (although I probably would have hated that).

I wasn't quite as taken with Fillion's Dogberry as Jon was, because some of the malapropisms were lost in the low-key delivery. I was greatly impressed, however, by Clark Gregg's Leonato. Leonato is a utility role, a character needed to oil the machinery of the plot but not particularly important in himself. Leonato's shock at learning of Hero's alleged infidelity leads him to wish death upon his own daughter, but he quickly comes to his senses and helps work out the solution. Because of the extremity of his first reaction, I've always thought that that transition back to good guy must be a very tricky thing for actors to handle. Gregg managed it beautifully -- good job. Amy Acker and Fran Kranz were outstanding, completely believable in every regard.

Going from the sublime to flirting with the ridiculous, I want to second Austin's recommendation of World War Z. Of all the monsters/creatures/whatever that populate shlock horror movies, I've always thought zombies were the most boring. They walk at a snail's pace with their arms held out from their bodies a little, sometimes making hokey noises and sometimes not. But not these zombies. They're fast and they're crafty and most of all, they're scary. Can you imagine that? A scary movie that actually IS scary. The actors playing the zombies turn in such good performances that I was amazed. The movie has a number of nice little touches in it. One scene takes place in the refrigerated section of a research lab, where Brad Pitt is trying to fool one zombie into not attacking him. You can see Pitt's breath in the cold air...but not the zombie's. smile It's a good thrill ride.