Or as they unashamedly advertise it still, WTF.

This was my first visit. I drove up on Friday (en route picking up an Illinois friend who'd flown into Newark Int'l Airport), and headed north and a bit east for my first in-person viewing of the Berkshires, in far-western Massachusetts. Williamstown is small but clearly well-off, with lots of imposing old houses (Cole Porter had a house here, and we were surprised to see a for-sale listing for it), and the lovely campus of Williams College, home to WTF.

On Saturday Julie and I were joined by 4 other friends who had driven from Boston or nearby Canada. In the afternoon we saw Tom Stoppard's Hapgood with Kate Burton (also Jake Weber, Reed Birney, Euan Morton). In the evening we saw Pygmalion with Robert Sean Leonard as Henry Higgins and Paxton Whitehead as Col. Pickering. Both were extremely well done, justifying the reputation of the festival as a place where well-known actors like to congregate to do plays that the commercial theater elsewhere doesn't offer them. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.