I'd like to put in a word for Longmire. True, it's cowboys and Indians, but not like the old shoot'em-ups at all; they're mystery/crime stories. It's all low key, Caucasians and Cheyenne sharing a living space in Wyoming. Very strong sense of place. The stories are different from the usual TV crime fare. For instance, one episode featured the murder of an Indian who was a high-ranking member of the tribe's governing council. It turned out that by manipulation and tricks (calling an emergency meeting when some council members were out of town), he was able to push through a new law raising the percentage of Cheyenne blood required to be a recognized member of the tribe. The result of that new law was that sixty tribe members were disenfranchised, and the result of THAT was that the take from the new casino wouldn't have to be divided among so many people. Sheriff Longmire investigated in his quiet way (I've never heard him raise his voice), learning a little bit at a time why the Indian was killed. Good episode.

A&E, Mondays.