I'm back in the store for a few minutes (prob my last time here; I leave for LA Thurs).

Just wanted to say, I've now read Under the Canopy. I'll want to talk about that more when I get back, I feel that I have lots to say. Enjoyed it much, and it reversed my expectations nicely, as planned. I'll just venture a couple of comments.

One: in addition to the acknowledged Maugham inspiration, I'm willing to bet that Barbara has met in real life (as I have) a certain kind of naively idealistic (but in fact self-centered) young devotee of "understanding people" and "being real", who really hasn't a clue.

Two: A secondary strand of this book has something in common with a secondary theme in Robert Barnard's The Skeleton in the Grass. I'll think I'll throw that one out, and expand on it when I get home next week.

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